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A Wise Woman - Goldendoodle

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This ceramic Golden Doodle dog themed coffee mug is truly unique, crafted through a professional-grade sublimation printing process. The intricately designed artwork adorns both sides of the mug, created using specialized sublimation paper and heat transfer technology, converting the inks into gas and embedding them into the ceramic surface.

The entire process is meticulously executed by hand, ensuring that the design remains impervious to chipping or fading, a stark contrast to the susceptibility of vinyl or hand-painted mugs.

A perfect day is started with a perfect coffee (or tea) mug. Just like selecting the right coffee, choosing the suitable mug is no less important. Going for an aesthetically pleasing one or a simple yet durable one is always a personal preference.

However if you want both if not say every well-loved features, you’re at the right place. The perfect everyday-starter that looks phenomenal and lasts for years.

Super safe and Durable 


The Non-toxic and Premium Ceramic resists all chipping and cracking, allowing this mug to last eternally.

Outstandingly heat-resistant


From boiling hot coffee to ice-cold juice, this mug keeps your drinks at the desirable temperature while protecting your hands from the heat.

Dishwasher & Microwave-friendly


Be careful if using microwave or clean it in the dishwasher. It continuously guarantee to be durable for years.

Product details:
Material: Ceramic
Size: 11oz, 15oz
Be careful if using microwave
Dishwasher unsafe

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color and size of the item may be slightly different from the visual image.

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